Meet the Profs: Pat

pat_meyer_photo.jpgI'm a contract faculty member at Vancouver Island University. I started as a regularized faculty member and chose to move into a non-regular position about 4 years ago.

Teaching is another leg of my 44 year journey as a nurse.  Half of my nursing career was spent as a military Nursing Officer, and the last half has been in nursing education and health promotion within medical clinics.   When I retired from the military, I knew that I wanted to continue to contribute to the advancement of the profession.

I love seeing the lights go on in students’ eyes as they make the connection between theory and practice and I really am thrilled about focussing on first year student success.  I love taking my students to long term care facilities to focus on making a relational connection with their clients; “being while they’re doing”.  Many people can do the technical skills of nursing, but to really be a nurse I believe that you need to enter into a professional relationship with the client.

I am extremely fortunate that I am able to secure the work I want that fits my lifestyle as a semi-retired person, but I know that others in VIU have no guarantee that work will even be available on a semester to semester basis.  I joined the Fight for Fairness because many of our members don’t know about or appreciate the precarious nature of non-regular work.